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Coal handling systems are an integral part of the complete material flow and the quality management system. We, at Sawhney Industries, supply complete coal handling systems which not only serve the purpose better, but also provide efficiency on a very large scale. We offer a premium range of coal handling systems which find its usage in the thermal power plants and transferring coals from trucks, wagons, etc. It utilizes specialized technology right from unloading to crushing and dust control to the protection from most of the possible threats which can turn up anytime during the functioning of the same. They prominently consist of belt conveyors that can be arranged to follow an infinite number of profiles or the different paths of travel. It is fabricated in a technically advanced way, and our experts have designed it with such precision, that it is now considered as an innovative way to uphold its perfect functioning. Our manufactured system is configured completely on the basis our clients’ needs in terms of design, commissioning and the entire process of manufacturing too. It helps to secure the coal supply in sufficient quantity and quality.
We, at Sawhney Industries, use the best material for the entire manufacturing process so that we can serve our clients perfectly. We provide the entire possible service range and help our clients to engineer something better in an enhanced way which can increase the overall efficiency of the client. We have many devices and instruments which serve in implementing the best form of technology used for this purpose. We have many satisfied customers, and all of them have loved the use of technology, especially when it comes to the practical application of the entire process which makes other processes to move in a smoother way. For the purpose of bunker feeding, tripper conveyor system is used, and our taskmasters have aligned it with a proper channel so that the processes that follow it, move in full swing. Pollution control system includes dust extraction systems, dust suppression systems, etc. Electrical and instrumentation is also included along with several other tasks.
We at Sawhney industries believe that the coal handling systems are of utmost importance and for the fulfilment of the same, we have engineered many new methods so that the overall system not only looks sorted, but also performs better.