Conveyor Belts


Established in the year 1981, we, Sawhney Industries, are among the most well-known firms in the design, manufacturing and providence of an exclusive range of material handling equipments such as conveyors, chain conveyor, roller chain conveyor, industrial chain conveyor and similar equipment.
We have fully capitalized on our well maintained infrastructure and detailed product understanding and a dedicated team of expert engineers. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing setup that is well equipped to meet the specifications of the clients globally. We have a streamlined management system that supports the manufacturing of conveyor belts in the customized production of our assortment under which our team of experts toil everyday to serve the prospective customers with a range that is the perfect answer to their product blueprint and configures well off with their requirements. We have established a large number of valuable customers in the industry catering to the needs for diversified work areas from the industry. We conduct a thorough examination of our products to match with the given parameters in areas of product application, cost, quality, configurations, features, feasibility requirements and design variances to ensure that the customer is offered a range of high performance products with minimum allotment for maintenance.
Conveyor belts are the connecting system that are used with wheels and a strong rubber belt that connects the two ends of the system. They are used as equipment to support the working of other machines. Conveyor belts are best put to application in the areas of baggage handling, packing depots, carton rolling systems and the like, where the nature of work is to move the product from one point to another. To ensure that we provide our customers with the most compatible range of conveyor belts, we use machines such as automatic coiling, de-coiling and sizing machines sourced from the leading industry vendors. Our logistics department ensures that the product is delivered within a short time span and at an affordable price range.

Our conveyor belts have been manufactured with the following features:

  • High Tensile strength.
  • Best work efficiency.
  • Durability.
  • Stable product dimensions.
  • Resistance to wear and tear.
  • High quality raw material.

Based out of New Delhi, Sawhney Industries aims to transport the customer’s products in a safe manner and within the stipulated time frame.