Screw Conveyors

Sawhney Industries is the premier firm offering a client with a vast variety of Flight Polished equipment to ensure that their production process runs smoothly. Here at our organization, we have a dedicated team of professionals who will help you design and manufacture all the products as per your requirements and specifications in the least possible time and with maximum efficiency. A platform for ready availability of designs catalogue in the digital form is also provided for the ready to use product purchase.
We manufacture and design the flight polished equipment with the use of most advanced technology in the form of high output machines and expert professionals. We are versatile in our approach and are adaptable to the needs of a wide range of industry verticals. We provide a professional working environment under which all our employees work with dedication in the field of product manufacturing.
One advantage our flight polished equipment have over other similar equipment is that our products are designed and developed with high-quality standards and years of experience in this field of work. Flight polished equipment can be best put to use in various sectors of work arena as in dairy, meat and poultry, food, citrus, sugar and similar industries.
At Sawhney Industries, products are designed and manufactured to meet all the client requirements and specifications covering areas as USDA, FDA, 3A Diary and the like. Our high-quality products have an easy route to work for wash down purposes as well with minimum resorting to fasteners in the food zone, FDA and USD approval for seal and bearings and quality standards.
We use the best quality manufacturing machines and tools for providing a highly efficient and long term product sustainability experience. At Sawhney Industries, we work with excellence from the beginning, and our professionals are experts in the art of engineering and help manufacture the flight polished equipment for best output production. We yield a comprehensive line of products that enable our customers to experience high-performance product purchase. At Sawhney Industries, the flight polished products are manufactured with appropriate profile correction to comply with the most modern methods in the form of computerized techniques that result in the production of greater work efficiency and capacity development in flight polished products. We serve our customers with utmost priority basis and provide them with an affordable range of product pricing band.