Trough Belt Conveyors

Conveyor Systems

A trough conveyor is a mechanical system consisting of a combination of pulleys, a long belt and a motor to drive the system. A pulley is a wheel like structure with a rotor shaft inserted in the middle. This rotor shaft is regulated by the DC motor. The friction between the surface of the rotor shaft and the belt causes the motion of the belt when the shaft starts rotating. All the rotor shafts should move in the same relative direction to facilitate the movement of the belt. The fundamental purpose of the belt is the transmission of materials along the line from one location to another. These are mainly found in groceries, manufacturing plants, airports for transporting baggage, warehouses used for storage purposes, construction sites and transportation sites. They increase the efficiency of a laborer by bringing the raw material to him rather than him having to fetch it by himself.
The design of the belt and the rotor shaft depends on whether the belt is to be used for transporting general materials or bulk raw material. In groceries and warehouses, the net weight of each commodity is relatively small but at construction sites, transportation sites, and manufacturing plants, bulky raw material is needed to be transported. Here, the belt used is made of a reinforced polymer with very high tensile strength that is resistant to corrosion and fire.  
Trough belt conveyors are used for transporting heavy material at high velocities and long distances. Instead of having a flat belt, here the belt is wrapped and overlapped at the edges by using a mobile roller which slides along the length of the belt.

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