Coal Mine Belt Conveyor

Turnkey Projects

We, at Sawhney Industries, offer durable coal mine belt conveyors which are made up of high-quality material and are used for transporting coal. They are environment-friendly, non-polluting and serve the purpose better. The rollers that we use are designed by our experts who have a lot of experience in this field. The rubber we use is highly efficient and can unleash the real power despite heavy loads. With the sheer efforts of our team and the technological advancements made by our R&D team, we have successfully installed these coal belt conveyors on turnkey basis at the client’s site. We use the highest quality premium belting products that reduce belt stretch and thus results in less maintenance for tension adjustments. We have an efficient team which can help you with the problems that concern the coal mine belt conveyor. Our conveyors are colossal; so distance never becomes a barrier in the entire process. While manufacturing these conveyors, a lot of care is taken, so that the wheels used function well in the worst of the conditions. The taskmasters have designed it in such a manner that even the uneven surfaces coupled with the threats of sharp edges and corners too get transported very easily thereby making the entire process smoother.

We, at Sawhney Industries, believe that the process of transferring coal is an important step in the industrial production of respective goods. Transporting them should not be chaotic and as a result of our continuous innovation, coupled with the technology for transferring goods rapidly, we have come up with this unique coal mine belt conveyor. Right from the electrical motor to the rollers, these belts increase the overall functioning too, and this could be seen by using our coal mine conveyor belts. The entire lot of coal is unloaded on this belt and using this, one can transfer the entire thing to the desired destination within a lesser amount of time. The rollers that we use, allow the entire weight to be conveyed as they completely reduce the amount of friction generated from the heavier loading on the belts. Many manufacturing assembly lines use our coal mine belt conveyors for the process of transporting coal along with the achievement of many other things like reducing the overall cost of production, increasing the efficiency of the entire process. We have helped major industries in this process and are continuously improving ourselves.